Avoid Local SEO Mistakes

As you start the new year for your business or non-profit organization, one very important thing you need to address is your local SEO. Here are a few key local SEO facts you should know: The Google 2-pack (which is Google’s organic listing of two local businesses) appears at the top of 93 percent of […]

broken backlinks

Broken Backlinks Impact SEO

If not properly overseen by an SEO professional, a website migration or relaunch project can create countless broken backlinks from other websites. This is a golden opportunity for recovering link equity. Some of the top pages on your site may have become 404 pages after a migration, so the backlinks pointing back to these 404 […]


Meta Robots NOINDEX

NOINDEX can be even more damaging than a misconfigured robots.txt file. Most commonly, the NOINDEX is set up when a website is in its development phase. Since so many web development projects are running behind schedule and pushed to live at the last hour, this is where the mistake can happen. A mistakenly configured robots.txt […]

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Simple SEO Fix: Robots.txt File

The robots.txt file is a small text file that is placed on your website server that tells web crawlers like Googlebot or Bingbot if they should access a file or not. Improper usage of the robots.txt file can hurt your SEO ranking because the robots.txt file controls how search engine spiders see and interact with […]