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What should we be using for virus protection?

This is a complicated question and the answer depends on how you use your computer. Personally, I haven’t used Norton or McAfee in years. Both of those anti-virus programs are extremely resource-intensive and make day-to-day use of the computer challenging. I recommend the following: Always update your devices. If there’s an update available, run it. […]

Heartbleed: What You Need To Know

The Heartbleed bug, a newly discovered security vulnerability that puts users’ passwords at risk, has upended the Web since it was disclosed earlier this week. It’s an extremely serious issue, and as such, there’s a lot of confusion about the bug and its implications as you use the Internet. Before we delve deeper into the subject, […]

Computer Viruses to Watch Out for: Cryptolocker and Ransomcrypt

Cryptolocker and Ransomcrypt – New, Serious Threats While Ransomlock Trojans have plagued the threat landscape over the last few years, we are now seeing cybercriminals increasingly use Ransomcrypt Trojans. The difference between Ransomlock and Ransomcrypt Trojans is that Ransomlock Trojans generally lock computer screens while Ransomcrypt Trojans encrypt (and locks) individual files. Both threats are motivated by […]

Website Security: Steps to Protect Your Site From Being Hacked

Website Security: How to prevent your wordpress site from being hacked Recently a client of mine contacted me because his site looked like this: 78% of malware cases are attributed to outdated core applications, plugins or modules. That means an outdated version of wordpress, an outdated version of a theme, or an outdated version of […]

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