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What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages & How Can They Help Boost Search Rankings?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a Google project designed as an open standard for any publisher or website owner to have pages load rapidly on mobile devices. For many people, reading on the mobile web is a slow, cumbersome, clunky, and sometimes extremely frustrating experience. Google’s AMP Project is designed to improve the mobile experience. […]


How to Build a Referral Program – Part 1

Many of us get most of our business referrals through word-of-mouth advertising. But what we usually miss is the idea that word-of-mouth advertising isn’t something that always has to happen completely organically. With a little strategy, you can encourage customers and clients to spread the good word about your business. If you create a successful […]

Why You Need A Website

As a website designer, I am frequently asking people to ask themselves this question – Why do I need a website? The answer obviously varies depending on the person, their business, what type of service or product they are selling, or how they want to be perceived online. Answer these simple questions yourself to see […]

How to stay ahead of cyber criminals

It’s no secret that cyber attacks are becoming more increasingly sophisticated, stealthy, and, as a result, commonplace. We have seen high profile security breaches at Target, JP Morgan, Home Depot, and the US Government. Attackers can infiltrate practically any “secure” environment and maneuver undetected for months at a time while they scope out the best […]

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