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How to stay ahead of cyber criminals

It’s no secret that cyber attacks are becoming more increasingly sophisticated, stealthy, and, as a result, commonplace. We have seen high profile security breaches at Target, JP Morgan, Home Depot, and the US Government. Attackers can infiltrate practically any “secure” environment and maneuver undetected for months at a time while they scope out the best […]

FBI: Businesses Lost $215 Million to Email Scams in 2014

According to a recent alert from the FBI, businesses lost nearly $215 million to one particular type of email scam in 2014. The business email compromise (BEC) swindle is a complicated scam that starts when business executives or employees email accounts are hacked. The FBI says that the business email compromise scam is a sophisticated and increasingly […]

If You Aren’t Using a Password Manager, It’s Time To Start Using One Now

Online merchants and secure websites aren’t doing a very good job of keeping your personal information safe. Not a week goes by without news about a major online retailer being hacked. To make matters worse, even those websites that use decent security practices may have been compromised by the recently discovered Heartbleed bug. If the bad […]

Computer Viruses to Watch Out for: Cryptolocker and Ransomcrypt

Cryptolocker and Ransomcrypt – New, Serious Threats While Ransomlock Trojans have plagued the threat landscape over the last few years, we are now seeing cybercriminals increasingly use Ransomcrypt Trojans. The difference between Ransomlock and Ransomcrypt Trojans is that Ransomlock Trojans generally lock computer screens while Ransomcrypt Trojans encrypt (and locks) individual files. Both threats are motivated by […]

Website Security: Steps to Protect Your Site From Being Hacked

Website Security: How to prevent your wordpress site from being hacked Recently a client of mine contacted me because his site looked like this: 78% of malware cases are attributed to outdated core applications, plugins or modules. That means an outdated version of wordpress, an outdated version of a theme, or an outdated version of […]

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