Author Website Design

Author Website Design:

Deliver value and they will stay.

Obviously, this is true of all websites, but when it comes to author website design, it’s fundamental. How you deliver value depends on your book. For non-fiction books, providing supplementary materials for the book such as fact sheets, tips and guides often works well. A good blog on the topic can also generate a ton of traffic. For fiction books, podcasts often work well.

Author Website Design - Connect4 ConsultingConnect4 specializes in author website design and has learned a thing or two in the process:

  1. People don’t care about you – it’s not about you, it’s about the added value you provide.
  2. Be remarkable – to be remarkable you need to be different. You want this author website to help motivate your audience to spread the word about you and your books. So be funny, insightful, or helpful.
  3. Know your audience beforehand – successful author websites are for readers. Knowing who you are targeting is the key to pleasing your audience.
  4. Have a mission – successful websites have one clear goal.
  5. Integrate social media – Provided that you now have a remarkable website that provides value to a targeted group of special users, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to share your website with one another.
  6. Have a blog and use it – websites with blogs get 55% more traffic than those without. They get more traffic because blogs posts are more likely to be shared on social networks than static content. Blogs also boost your rankings on Google. Each blog post is a chance to get Google points to rank high in searches. Think of it as a lottery ticket. The more blog posts you write the bigger chance you have of hitting it big.
  7. Focus on content over design – Most author websites look just fine. The problem is that there is nothing to see. Think of the design as the picture frame and the content (blog posts, articles, podcasts) as the picture.

Think of your author website as the bonus features on a DVD. Your website should feel more like a movie website than a business website.