We are a Technology-Driven Marketing Firm in Washington, DC.

Gabriel Seiden, technology-driven marketing in Baltimore and Washington, DCConnect4 Consulting provides technology-driven marketing solutions for the Baltimore and Washington, DC area. We have more than 20 years experience in technology and marketing.

Gabe Seiden founded Connect4 Consulting in 2008 to address a market gap within the marketing and communications industry. At that point most marketing and communications firms were not directly addressing the fundamental link between technology and marketing. There were marketing firms, design firms, and website designers and they all worked independently. Connect4 changes that approach entirely, uniting the four core areas of marketing, communications, design, and technology.

Gabe Seiden has an MBA in Marketing and Global IT Management. He is entrepreneurial, creative and has an ever-expanding range of skills. Based on his work with corporate and nonprofit organizations, Gabe has developed a client-centered, outcome-oriented practice. He meets objectives with efficiency and integrity and provides flexible and comprehensive marketing solutions.

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