10 Reasons Your Site Should Be HTTPS

If you have a website that is still HTTP, you should seriously consider upgrading to HTTPS. While it’s true that historically HTTPS websites were limited to e-commerce websites, HTTPS is now the standard. This post will explain what HTTPS is and give you 10 reasons to make sure that you upgrade to HTTPS as soon as possible.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is a way to encrypt information that is sent between a browser and a web server. This protects users of your website from man in the middle attacks, where someone steals information that is being sent to a website, like credit card information or logins.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a set of data files that you add to your server to secure an encrypted connection between a browser and your server. When installed, a green padlock will display in when users visit your site to indicate that the site is secure.

Are SSL and HTTPS the same thing?

These terms are two sides of the same process of creating an encrypted website. An SSL certificate is the product that is needed and HTTPS is the result of having that certificate on your server. You cannot have one without the other.

If your website isn’t secure yet, it definitely should be. 

Reasons why you should upgrade to HTTPS immediately:

  1. Improved Google Rankings
  2. HTTPS alerts by Google Search Console
  3. Browsers Increasing Alerts for Non-secure Sites
  4. Better Security
  5. Visible Security Signals for Visitors
  6. Increased Conversions
  7. Increase in Average Transaction Value
  8. Boost in Customer Confidence
  9. Required for any type of e-commerce transaction
  10. There Is No Reason Not To Have One

Improved Google Rankings/strong>

Google wants to ensure that its customers have the best online user experience. Understandably, Google doesn’t want browsers to search insecure websites. Because of that, Google’s ranking algorithm now favors HTTPS sites. If your website isn’t secure, it could be getting outranked by your competitors that are secure.

HTTPS alerts by Google Search Console

Google has been sending notices to webmasters via the Google Search Console if a login page or any page collecting any password is not secured over HTTPS. Anything in Google Search Console should be considered important in the eyes of Google and their algorithms.

Browsers Increasing Alerts for Non-secure Sites

Since January 2017, Google provides security warnings in Google Chrome for users if there is no valid SSL certificate on a web page. Google marks these sites as non-secure. Other browsers are following Google Chrome’s lead on this.

Better Security

This is an obvious benefit for everyone. HTTPS protects user information from potential hackers. Better security is a better experience for all.

Visible Security Signals for Visitors

Security is one of the biggest concerns visitors have, preventing many of them from shopping or providing their information online. One of the key benefits of having an SSL certificate is the sign that you can display on your website indicating it is secure.

Increased Conversions

This is another relatively straightforward benefit of having a secure website. The more secure your site is, the more people will feel comfortable interacting with the site. Those interactions may be filling out contact forms, registering for events, signing up to be notified about something in the future, becoming a member, or buying something online.

Increase in Average Transaction Value

There is often also an increase in the average transaction value on an ecommerce site once a site is more secure. With online purchases, part of the concern that users have with security has to do with the impact on the amount being paid. The higher the transaction amount, the greater the fear of being scammed.

Boost in Customer Confidence

A secure connection gives website visitors peace of mind that your website can be trusted and their information is safe. This is particularly important in fields where trust is paramount – lawyers, doctors, financial services, insurance, real estate.

Required for Any Type of E-Commerce Transaction

If you sell anything online, you have to have HTTPS. Most credit card processors won’t even let you sell anything online without it. But if you own a website and you sell anything online, and you don’t have HTTPS, make sure you upgrade immediately.

There Is No Reason Not To Have One

The only issues experienced with SSL certificates occur when they expire or when implementation is incorrect. To that end, be sure to keep your subscriptions active and be sure to update the primary domain for your website to force the https version. That is, whether www or non-www (pick your preference), all other versions should both 301-redirect to and point to the https version with any canonical tags.

How Do You Switch Your Site To HTTPS?

If you’re reading this article and your website is hosted by Connect4 Consulting, contact us and we can easily fix this for you.


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