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5 Tips to Writing Viral Blog Titles

When you write a blog post, your goal is to get people to read and share your content. Shared content increases visibility, brand awareness, and eventually leads to more traffic on your website and a conversion. A conversion could be a new client, a new member, a new reader, a new consumer. With all the competition for time and content, the most important part of the blog post is the title. A title is an essential ingredient that helps you drive more traffic to your website.

The blog title is really important and is often the difference between someone clicking and not clicking on your post.

This post lists five tips to writing viral blog titles:

Keep It Short

To make sure that your blog is noticed, keep your blog title short – under 60 characters.

Readers often skim search engine results. Short titles grab attention.

Numbers Stand Out

Have you noticed that many blog titles begin with numbers? The reason why numbers get used is they have a tendency to get people to click. Numbers can also make a headline more interesting.

Take a look at the examples below:

  1. “Snakes are Wonderful Companions”
  2. “18 Remarkable Reasons Why Snakes Make Wonderful Companions”

Which title are you going to click on? The first title is pretty dull and not very engaging. In the second example, the title is far more engaging. You can play around with this and even add percentages and fractions to convey essential data in the title.

Ask Questions

Using questions as titles is a good way to hook your readers while generating their interest. It’s important to know who your target reader is so that the question you ask is relevant and resonates with them. If you are writing about the best password managers, a perfect example of the title would be:

“Have You Downloaded These Password Managers Yet?”


To grab attention it helps to add a sense of urgency. No one wants to feel like they missed out on valuable information. If you’re a financial planner a blog title might be:

“Are You Making These Expensive Financial Mistakes?”

With this type of headline, it’s only natural for a reader to stop and ask themselves the question “Am I making terrible financial mistakes? Do I need help with my financial planning?”


If your blog titles are good there’s a good chance people will read your blog posts. If people read your blog posts, they engage with your company and your content. Engagement builds confidence and trust. Trust in you and your product leads to new customers, new purchases, new readers, etc.

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