Google Analytics Features for Business Owners

I think it’s safe to say that small and mid-sized business owners have to have a website. It lends credibility, establishes trust and professionalism, and often is a much less expensive way to market your service or product than old fashioned paper advertising. Usually small business owners are running around trying to do their business and can’t get caught up marketing their business, and they therefore know very little about what’s going on behind the scenes on their website.

There are some basic Google Analytics features that all business owners should take a look at from time to time.

1. Business Conversions

The Conversion tab is one of the most important areas for business owners because it shows how many people are reaching your contact form or other specific page where an action is required, and the exact number of leads and conversions. If the site is an ecommerce site, the conversion tab also indicates the $ amount of sales generated in the current month and allows you to compare this month’s sales figures with previous months.

2. Traffic Sources

This is the second most important area for business owners because it shows where their website traffic is coming from and gives a strong indication of where to invest marketing dollars. This feature also tells exactly how the visitors arrived on the site – through search engines, other site links, etc.

3. Traffic Location

This is similar to Traffic Sources and tells about where the traffic is coming from and which area is bringing in some solid leads and sales. On the other end it indicates potential locations that you can invest in future.

4. Browsers and Mobile Technology

This tells you what browsers your visitors are using and what mobile phones they are using. It’s important to test your website on a variety of browsers and phones. If the site is optimized for Internet Explorer and iPhones and most of your visitors are on Chrome and a Windows Phone, you can make an adjustment to make sure that the site is optimized for the bulk of your traffic.

5. Top Exit Pages

This tells you which website pages visitors usually leave from. It would make sense that the home page and the contact page would be a top exit page. But if a product or service page is a top exit page, it might indicate that you should make some changes to the content to get people to either stay longer or move to another section of the site.


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