How to Make Google Chrome Run Faster

Google Chrome is by far the best internet browser. It is the most secure and has the most features and, as of May 2015, is used by approximately 64.9% of all people browsing the internet from a desktop or laptop computer. Apple’s Safari accounts for just 3.1% of the market.

As great as Google Chrome is, there are ways to make Google Chrome run faster.

Step 1 – Access Google Chrome’s Secret Settings

Google Chrome allows you to use unofficial “beta” browser features called “flags” while they are being tested. These features are strictly experimental and may break or disappear while you are using them. To access these settings, simply type chrome://flags in your browser bar. Hit Enter and you will be taken to the flags page and shown a warning:


Step 2 – Use Find to Make Things Simple

The Chrome flags page is not presented in a user-friendly format – probably because it is not intended for mainstream users. To make things much easier for you, type Ctrl+F to open the search bar in the right-hand corner. Then, in future steps on this post, just type the search term into the search bar and let search find the content on the page.

Step 3 – Set Maximum Tiles to 512

Basically this feature will increase the amount of RAM (memory) that Chrome is allowed to use and this should immediately speed up your browsing. By default Chrome uses 128MB of RAM. In the search bar that you just opened in Step 2, type Maximum Tiles and hit Enter. Once you’re brought to the Maximum Tiles row, click the drop-down menu and change Default to 512.


Step 4 – Change the Number of Raster Threads to 4

This modification will change the rendering speed of images in Chrome. Search for Number of Raster, and change the number of raster threads to 4.

raster threads

Step 5 – Relaunch Chrome to Make Chrome Run Faster

In order for these changes to take place, you need to relaunch Chrome. At the bottom of the chrome://flags page, you will notice a “Relaunch Now” button—click it, and you will quickly see how Google Chrome is faster.


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  1. Laura Thornton
    Laura Thornton says:

    I definitely will try this – thank you! I use Chrome but it can be annoying at times. I am sure that your suggestions will help. Have you ever written on post on how to deal with Shockwave Flash? That is always causing me grief…

    Thank you for the great tips!

  2. Dean
    Dean says:

    Wow! Easy to follow instructions and immediate results. What could be better than this. Thanks Gabe for another wonderful tip! Keep ’em coming. Have a great summer. Best, Dean


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