What are long-tail-keywords and why are they important?

Long-tail keywords are longer and much more specific keyword phrases that people type into search engines. So instead of googling “shoes” when we want to search for “Italian carbon fiber cycling shoes”, we search with a much more specific long-tail keyword phrase that drills down directly to the information we want to find. There is far more competition for the keyword “shoes” than there is for the keyword phrase “Italian carbon fiber cycling shoes.” Long-tail keywords are also the specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they are closer to a point of purchase. They can be hugely valuable if you know how to use them.

Take this example: Connect4 Consulting designs websites. The chances that I will rank number 1 for website design are very low because there’s too much competition (this is particularly true for small businesses and start-ups). But suppose what Connect4 Consulting really does is design websites for small businesses and non-profits in the DC Metro area. Then keywords like “website design for small businesses and non-profits in the DC metro area” are going to find customers looking for my services. That obviously doesn’t mean that I’m the only business out there, but it shrinks the pond and focuses the target audience.

Managing long-tail keywords is basically just a matter of establishing better lines of communication between your business and the customers who are already out there, actively looking for the services or products you provide. Obviously you are going to get less traffic with a long-tail keyword than you would with a more common one, but the traffic you do get will be far better: more committed, more focused, and more interested in your products or services.

Using a Free Keyword Tool as a Long-Tail Keyword Generator

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool returns nearly an unlimited number of keywords, including multi-word long-tail keywords, for you to use in organic and paid search campaigns. It’s easy to find long-tail keywords with this free keyword research tool. Just enter the word you want to research:

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Additional Keyword Tools

There are several other sites that offer free keyword research tools: