Need to Rent a Car? Try Silvercar

Headed somewhere on vacation this summer? If you’re going to Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, L.A., Miami, Phoenix, or San Francisco, you should definitely check out Silvercar. Unlike other car rental companies, Silvercar has just one make and model of vehicle – a silver, Audi A4. Pricing is based on demand so if you adjust pickup and drop-off times slightly, you can get a different daily rate.

Why Choose Silvercar?

  • You get a silver Audi A4 instead of a Chevy Malibu
  • Free GPS
  • Free in-car Wi-Fi
  • Free satellite radio
  • Free car seats – baby, toddler, or booster

How Does It Work?

This is where Silvercar is life years ahead of other car rental companies. That’s because once you’ve got your profile built and have booked a reservation, you don’t actually have to talk to anyone to get the keys to your car or get on the road. You can walk right up to the cars in its designated parking area, choose the car you like (they’re all identical, so there’s not that much choice involved), and unlock it by scanning a QR code in the driver’s side windshield.

There’s a similar process for closing out your Silvercar rental. Just drive the car through the gate and it automatically knows that you have returned. Once you’ve pulled in, the car wirelessly signals back to the home base how much gas is left in the tank and determines the cost of refilling it based on market rates. That way there’s no exorbitant price gouging on gas upon return, although there is a $5 service fee attached when refilled.

Just as there was no need to talk to an attendant when checking out a car, there’s no need to do so when returning it. Silvercar automatically recognizes when the car has been returned, and simply creates an invoice on the fly that will be sent to the associated email address.

Rent with Silvercar and Get $25 Back

Use the referral code “GSEIDEN” when you sign up with Silvercar. When you complete your first rental, you’ll get $25 back.

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