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Broken Backlinks Impact SEO

If not properly overseen by an SEO professional, a website migration or relaunch project can create countless broken backlinks from other websites. This is a golden opportunity for recovering link equity.

Some of the top pages on your site may have become 404 pages after a migration, so the backlinks pointing back to these 404 pages are effectively broken.

Two types of tools are great for finding broken backlinks — Google Search Console, and a backlink checker such as Moz.

In Search Console, you’ll want to review your top 404 errors and it will prioritize the top errors by broken backlinks.

What to do:

  • After identifying your top pages with backlinks that are dead, 301 redirect these to the best pages
  • Also look for broken links because the linking site typed in your URL wrong or messed up the link code on their end, this is another rich source of link opportunities

What to do next:

  • Use other tools such as Mention or Google Alerts to keep an eye on unlinked mentions that you can reach out to for an extra link
  • Set up a recurring site crawl or manual check to look out for new broken links

Best Practices for Title Tags

This post goes far beyond standard search engine optimization practice. If you haven’t read our post on standard search engine optimization, you should read that first and then come back to this.

Best Practices for Title Tags

Here are the basic best practices for title tags:

  • Generally 55 to 60 characters in width
  • Place keywords as close to the beginning as possible; the closer a word to the start of the tag, the more influence it exerts
  • Make title tags readable
  • If you include a brand in the title tags, place it at the end unless it is a well-known brand people seek out
  • Make each title unique
  • Avoid stuffing keywords
  • The title should form a complete coherent thought before Google cuts it off at the 60 character mark. Title tags that communicate a clear, coherent thought earn a higher click-through rate.