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Web-Based Project Management Tools

Traditional project management tools evoke images of GANTT charts and project schedules. Complex programs allowed a single user to intricately plan out and manage a project. Improvements in internet bandwidth, connectivity, and the cost of online storage has shifted this process to the web. Web-based project management tools are capable of offering much more because they are inherently collaborative and they are usually “software as a service”, which includes hosting of the project management tool for your business.

I recently reviewed a dozen web-based project management tools in search of one that would meet my business requirements. Because of the extensive variety of project management tools, I recommend defining requirements at the outset.

Common Project Management Software Requirements:

  • Managing Resources
  • Project Task Management
  • Collaboration
  • File Sharing

Best Project Management Tools


Basecamp is one of the most popular tools for managing projects online. Projects are managed through a shared dashboard and it’s easy to upload and share files, send messages, document milestones, track time, and create to-do lists. One of the things I like most about Basecamp is its friendly user interface. If you need to collaborate with different people in different places and you don’t mind the fact that it won’t help you create GANTT charts or track costs, Basecamp is the tool for you.


Box.net is unique because it blends file sharing and syncing with project management and collaboration. It’s more complicated than Basecamp because it does more things, but Box.net is still easy to use. If you need to share files with people, create permissions for folders, and collaborate on projects, Box.net is the better tool.

Copper Project

If you need the traditional project management tools and also want the collaborative tools, you should look at Copper Project. You can log time, book people, allocate resources, create GANTT charts, budgets, quotes and invoices.