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The Next Rembrandt – A Computer Has Made a Rembrandt Painting

A computer has made a Rembrandt painting and it looks perfect. Rembrandt may have died in 1669 but a team of art historians, software developers, scientists, engineers, and data analysts have teamed up to help a computer paint Rembrandt’s next painting.

The team worked on the project for 18 months and analyzed all known works of Rembrandt, more than 300 paintings, using high resolution 3D scans to capture every little detail and create an algorithm that would eventually be able to accurately recreate his style. That data was then fed to a 3D printer, which recreated the painting using 13 layers of paint-based Ultra Violet ink.

The painting, above, consists of over 148 million pixels, based on more than 160,000 fragments from Rembrandt’s works.

The project is backed by Amsterdam-based advertising agency J Walter Thompson and was created for its client, ING Bank.

Go to https://www.nextrembrandt.com/ to read more about the fascinating project and the technology behind it.