Without a Mobile Presence You Will Be Left Behind

It’s time to get Mobile!

Without a mobile presence you will be left behind. Take a look at these figures and then take a look at your own website on your iphone or ipad or other tablet or smart phone.

  • There are presently more than 5.3 billion mobile device subscribers.
  • There will be nearly as many mobile devices as there are people in the world by 2015.
  • There are 48 million people in the world who have mobile phones, even though they do not have electricity at home.

The issue is not that everyone has a mobile device, but that these devices give them Internet access – and many of them access the Internet only through their mobile device.

So ask yourself. Am I prepared for this mobile opportunity?

People don’t surf the mobile web. They know what they want and act on it. They want immediate information – your address, news, social media, product information. They recommend, buy, and follow up more than desktop users do.

Mobile Presence Website Requirements
  • Load time – slow kills
  • Mobile searches – you want in
  • Mobile browsers – don’t support video, flash, image galleries, proprietary scripts
  • User experience – convenience matters
Mobile Presence Website Must-Haves
  • Click-to-call buttons
  • Social media buttons
  • Share and Enjoy
  • Google Maps
  • SMS
  • Event Calendards
  • Location Check-In
  • Multimedia
  • News/Blogs
  • E-Commerce
Mobile Presence Website Best Practices
  1. Keep it simple
  2. Prioritize Content – mobile visitors have different priorities from desktop users
  3. Focus on conversion – make it easy for visitors to take action
  4. Take advantage of mobile features – access user location information and offer a more personable experience
  5. Think “Tap-able” not “Clickable”
  6. Navigation – go vertical
  7. Minimize scrolling
  8. Be concise

All of our website redesigns are responsive – mobile friendly. Improve your mobile presence with Connect4 Consulting.

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